Israeli Government Loans Fund

The new Israeli government Fund for small and medium enterprises (with an annual turnover of up to 100 million INS) was established in 2012.

The purpose of the Government Guarantee Fund is to approve loans to businesses and help entrepreneurs who wish to set up a new business or enable the development and growth of small and medium-sized businesses there.

Fund loans guaranteed by the State's ministry of treasure provide a financial credit solution to those businesses, all in the most attractive terms.

The fund is designed to tackle the problem of existing credit failure in medium and small businesses by providing state guarantees to banks operating in cooperation with the fund.

Currently, active four banks that won the tender: Leumi, Mizrahi, Otsar Hahayal and Mercantile Discount.Businesses in all areas such as agriculture, commerce, industry, services, construction and tourism, can apply for a loan. For example, an insurance agent who wishes to overhaul the office; Or a gardener, who wishes to hire four employees instead of continuing to work alone.

A person, who wants to open a store or restaurant. A business woman, who wants to invest in a franchise branch network, or anyone who wants to own an industrial plant can apply for a government loan.

Even organizations whose activity is an activity corresponding business activity, such as a non-profit organization that runs a school and tuition, are entitled to receive a loan using this fund.

Getting a loan guaranteed by the government is a large and noticeable advantage compared to loans which were taken directly from banks or any other financial entity.

Relatively low collateral, attractive interest rates and preferential terms allow business to get financing that fits repayment capacity and its current flow. The state-guaranteed loan is given only for business and not for private purposes, therefore, their conditions for the return of a state-guaranteed loan are tailored to business owners, so are the repayment terms, payments and interest rates are more favorable for business owners.

It should be noted that the state-guaranteed loan is usually given for five years. The borrower has a "Grace" option for the first half of the first year to pay only the interest part of the loan, and during the four and a half years later, the borrower would repay the balance loan amount.

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